About Us

We’re LinTeractive – the digital marketing & transformation division of PointNine Lintas. We believe that there cannot be a separate ‘digital’ strategy in a world where every touch-point is digital – what’s needed is transformation strategy for a digitized universe. We offer bespoke digital strategy and end to end fulfilment – including media and analytics.

We believe that marketing needs to evolve in the digital environment today, and at the core of that change is the focus on the consumer. Our thought framework is built on the concept of a Customer Experience Journey – an understanding of the digital consumer’s life aided by data and analytics. This Journey is no longer a linear path; it is multilayered, exploratory and unique to each person.

In keeping with the non-linear nature of digital today, our teams are cross-disciplinary. We are moving away from the triad of Business, Planning and Creative to competencies like Creative Technologies, User Experience Research and Branded Content Strategy, Infrastructure Architects and Producers. We have established ourselves as industry experts in domains like Consumer & FMCG, Corporate & Finance, Health & Wellness, Automotive, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Technology & Start-Ups.

We have offices in offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.


What we do



Data lead insights leading to strategies that not only solve business problems but are truly transformational. Working with our Deep DigitisationTM Framework to help both established brands and startup businesses find a way to disrupt the increasingly digital world today.


Data is at the core of our thinking and actions – from user experience research to programmatic media planning to content planning, data fuels our ecosystems. We take a data-lead view of the whole universe.


We believe that building Ecosystems are the best way to disrupt a market at scale. We plan, architect and deliver platforms that hold the ecosystem across screen and devices, to any smart surface. Our producers work with technologists, UX experts, and designers to create a disruptive experience.


Content is the fuel to the whole ecosystem. Not only does it act as an ongoing brand experience, but serving content helps to track behaviour and assess user potential. We audit content for a brand, create branded content strategy and help craft brand voice on social – delivering award-winning pieces that effectively deliver business results



Product Stack

Deep DigitisationTM

Digital for us is not a list of things to do, but a ‘Way of Doing things’. So we built Deep Digitisation TM – a comprehensive, customizable and category agnostic framework for brands to approach their digital efforts across the organization in a unified and strategic manner.



Our framework for digital strategy – applied via audits, workshops and structured thinking – producing, in the end, a digitization strategy and roadmap. Finally prioritizing the areas to ruthlessly edit, change and re-imagine in the organization


Data and Analytics Aided view of the Customer Experience Journey – charting out the multitude of ways in which the customer moved across touch-points. And in turn, finding moments on that journey to disrupt and intervene with a brand experience.


In today’s world, disruptions come from Platform scale – be it cabs or music or industrial engineering, real market disruption comes from ecosystems. We always think in ecosystems – and what we can offer any business are platform ideas that will hold and scale your digital marketing beyond a campaign to campaign calendar.


Everyone is raring to do digital – but digital is a way of doing things and it needs prep. The readiness audit is a service we offer where we get inside your organization’s initiatives, content, processes, brand sentiments etc. and give an unbiased overview of your readiness to start the digitization journey.


Our services are structured in the progression of the depth of digital investments. There are four stages of a business’s investment in digital services – From Discovery to Knowledge. Most of the time agencies and brands get stuck in using digital only for discovery; some mature brands will tend to make a move towards Engagement as well. But more often than not, the true power of digital marketing resides in Permission and Knowledge. In a business where digital transformation is fully actualized – it should serve all four purposes in the loop.

For further information on the product, it’s demo and pricing, please write to us at info@pointninelintas.in




Digital as an exposure medium – aiding your brand’s discovery in the social and digital channels. Making sure your communication is in the right places in interconnected digital touch-points. KPIs at this stage are usually exposure and reach.

Services: Advertising & Campaigns, Media Planning and Buying, Social Media, Search Marketing



Digital an asset for Engagement – Building Digital assets to ensure planned interactions with customers – via content. Engagement is not viewership – its action and it needs investment in building brand assets.

Services: Devices and Apps, UX/UI and Development, Web/Mobile Asset Planning and Delivery, Content Strategy



Digital as a community – Creating clustered groups for smarter and ongoing engagement.  Here your customer is not only an audience but has agreed and given permission to be part of your brand-life for longer periods.

Services: Branded Platforms, Branded Communities, CRM & Email Marketing, Customer Lifecycle Management



Mining Insights should be the ultimate goal of any digital investment.  It acts as the core of all other activities. We view knowledge as a function of data, analytics, and behavioural insights that fuels ongoing strategy and media.

Services: Customer Personas, Listening & ORM, Asset Analytics – Content and Behavior, Consumer Research


We are a creatively driven integrated marketing communications network with a strong entrepreneurial heritage and challenger mentality. We use creativity to get our clients’ brands an unfair share of attention.